If you love fried clams there is no better place on the planet to be than right here on Massachusetts’ beautiful North Shore. Route 133 (a.k.a.- Clam Alley) boasts some of the best ‘Clam Shacks’ in all of New England. Whether its Woodman’s, J.T. Farnhams, The Clam Box, Essex Seafood, or any other North Shore clam shack, you are certain to find some of the freshest Native Whole Fried Clam Bellies anywhere.

If you plan on staying at the Country Garden Inn & Spa, I absolutely recommend adding at least one of these restaurants to your ‘to do list’ along with a great day of sightseeing, whale watching, or simply spending your time at the beach soaking up some rays.

After a day of fun filled activities and a ‘full belly,’ there is no better way to cap off your night than by sitting next to the fireplace with a complimentary bottle of Champagne or settling into the hot tub to wind down from all of the daily activities.


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